Call for Artwork for SCA 50 Year Program

Greetings to all from THL Azrael ben Shemhazai, publications chair for the SCA 50th Anniversary Celebration!

I’m working on the site booklet for next year’s event, and our goal is to create a true keepsake that shows off some of the best the SCA has to offer. To that end, I’d like both the cover and the internal art to showcase high-quality artwork, and I’m putting out a call to any scribes, illuminators or artists who’d like to lend their skills to this project.

I can use everything from cover art to incidental illustrations for the inside pages. If you’re interested in contributing in some way and won’t have a problem signing the necessary release forms for your work, please contact me at . Please post this to whatever kingdom or mailing list you’d like, in order to spread the word as far as possible. Thanks so kindly!

Azrael ben Shemhazai