Her Majesty’s Reflections on RUM

The Royal University of the MidRealm is always an inspiring event full of amazing arts and wonderful teachers. This past weekend was no exception! Thanks to Katarina Helene von Schoenborn (Helen Schultz) and her staff for organizing and running such a great event. Thanks to RUM Chancellor Verena Entenwirth for organizing (and ruthlessly promoting!) a full day of wonderful classes and activities!

A hearty thank you to all who participating in the Queen’s A&S “Green” challenge (see my previous post for photos of all the amazing pieces — there were more than 40!!) All of the work was remarkable and choosing a single person to serve as the Green Champion was no easy task. In the end it was the tale told by Breddelwyn ap Taliesin that best captured “green” in Our minds.

At Court in the evening We were able to recognize many extremely deserving gentles with awards. We were also honored to place Master Christian Fournier on vigil for Our Order of Defense.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered to stand guard at court, retain for Us, or otherwise sacrifice a portion of your time to serve Us. It is greatly appreciated.

We hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and We will see you next at Christmas Tourney!

Nikolai & Serena