From His Majesty on Thanksgiving Day

On this day of thanks I am thankful to you, the people of the Middle Kingdom. In our system of “rule by rattan” you have no say as to who your monarchs are. But once the tournament ends, you have absolute say if you embrace or ignore your King and Queen.

I are thrilled and overwhelmed with the love and support the Kingdom has shown Serena Kimbalwyke and myself. As first time royalty we have made our fair share of mistakes, but at every turn we are met with people who are willing to sacrifice their time and effort to support the reign and help “turn the crank” to make the SCA machine run smoothly. And best of all, everyone seems to be having a good time while they do it.

We will continue to work hard to live up to the faith you have placed in us. Thank you.

Tsar Nikolai