From the Queen: Selecting the Second A&S Champion 

Greetings unto the people of the MidRealm from your Tsar and Tsarina!

At this past RUM We held the first of Her Royal Majesty’s A&S challenges. We were excited to see how many people participated — 43 total entries, including six performances! We were overwhelmed by the amazing skill of the craftspeople of Our Kingdom! We saw everything from sugar paste to metalwork to food to illumination to a pair of period undies! In the end, it was Breddelwyn ap Taliesin who stood out with his inspiring tale as he accompanied himself on the harp. He is our Green Champion. Hoobah!

And now, it is time to select our second champion! The theme of the second challenge is “Heart.” As with the previous challenge, you are free to create any sort of entry that you believe best articulates “heart.”

Your project can be any type, shape or style you wish. Performance pieces must be limited to two minutes or less. Documentation is welcomed, but not required. All entries MUST be new works started on or after the theme was originally announced at RUM.

If you plan in participating, please sign-up here:

Performance entries should also select a time slot. This information will help Us schedule the day and assure each entry receives the attention it deserves.

The Heart competition will be judged by Her Royal Majesty at 12th Night in Tree-Grit-Sea (January 16, 2016). The Heart Champion will be selected that evening, and the third and last theme will be announced at that time, as well. As with the “Green” competition, the gentle selected must be at court to be recognized as Our champion.

Go forth, make stuff, have fun!

In service to the MidRealm and her people,

Tsar Nikolai & Tsarina Serena