SCA 50 Year – Call for Volunteers

With just under seven months to go before the event, the many departments are working hard to bring you the best event possible and that goes for the Volunteer Relations department as well.

Until we open the Volunteer Sign Up system in the spring of 2016, we welcome anyone who is interested in early notification of the volunteer shift sign ups to fill out a short questionnaire located at

The Society is supported by Volunteers like you, the ones who labor to make our Events possible. Our Volunteers ensure that gates are staffed, that lists are marshaled and that trash is collected. These jobs may not always be glamorous, but they are vital to the effective execution of even the smallest of our Events.

We will need Volunteers to work the gate, work in the History display and work security shifts. We will need Marshals, Heralds and More.

Thank you for your Service to the Society and for giving ‘The Dream’ life and form.

THL Alexander Adelbrecht von Markelingen, SCA 50 Year – Volunteer Relations Coordinator