What is a Persona RUM?

We have been asked “what exactly is a Persona RUM” so we wanted to answer some FAQ concerning the upcoming event….

What is a Persona RUM:
A Persona RUM is a day of classes and activities focused on different cultures. This gives teachers and students a chance to share knowledge on the finer details of their particular culture they have chosen to recreate in the SCA

What Cultures will there be classes on:
ALL. We have tracks set up for the major cultures that are recreated in the Middle Kingdom (Viking, French, English,German/ HRE, Italian, Celtic, Russian, and Middle Eastern ) we also have a track for the more unusual but still done personas.

Can I teach a non-Persona class:
Yes, we do have space for a few non-persona classes however those are also filling up quickly.

WHY have RUM just dedicated to Personas:
A lot of time classes cover a wide range of cultures and by having an event organized by Persona it allows the students and teachers to narrow their learning. In addition there are some fabulous persona related activities that will be happening at the SCA 50 event and we want to give artisans of the Middle Kingdom a head start by offering as many classes as we can to help prepare them.

Will the Persona RUM be ok for people without Personas or someone new to the society?
YES! Even if you don’t have a persona yet, come and check out some of the classes. Hopefully by the end of the event you will know what kind of Persona you would like to investigate further.

Have additional questions about the Persona RUM? Post them here or email and we will try to answer them.

Persona RUM will be held in conjunction with the upcoming Festival of Maidens, January 30, 2016.