Monthly Archive: January 2016

SCA 50 Year Storycorps

SCA-50-Year-logo-1up-300x201Greetings, all!

As a part of the SCA 50 Year Celebration, the History Display section is sponsoring a Story Corps project to record interviews on people’s experiences in the SCA. The idea is to preserve our collective history in a storytelling format. Our staff of three can’t possibly canvass the Known World recording interviews, so we need your help. (more…)

Gulf Wars Info for Midrealmers

Greetings unto the noble populace of the great Middle Kingdom. Spring is just around the corner, and that means Gulf Wars will soon be here again. For those of us who are planning to make the trek to Gleann Abhann in March, there are some things that everyone needs to know about the Middle Kingdom encampment at Gulf Wars. (more…)

Court Reports, November and December, AS L

Court of Their Majesties Nikolai and Serena, 21 November AS 50 (CE 2015)
held at Royal University of the Midrealm in Their Shire of Narrental
Heralded by Petrona da Manciano, Simcha bat Yonah, Peter Grau von Bremen. Seneschal was Katerina Helene von Schonborn.

AoA: Sarafina Mascherante, Genevive of Sternfeld
Cavendish Knot: Rashid al-Sanna
White Chamfron: Tulalaith of Sternfeld
Purple Fret: Katarina Helene von Schonborn, Tristan Bartolo de la Vega
Greenwood Company: Alfairin Fani
White Lance: Matheus McTaevis McMychell
Dragon’s Heart: Solveig Sigulfsdottir (more…)

From the Kingdom Seneschal, February AS L

Let’s talk about event scheduling.

The Middle Kingdom is fortunate to have more than eighty local groups and thousands of members. Our longstanding law is groups are not typically allowed to hold events within 100 miles of one another. The kingdom Calendar Secretary is instructed to inform groups if an event is within 200 miles and/or in the same region of an event that is already scheduled. The purpose is to help bring potential conflicts to mind. The intent is to help Shires and Baronies be aware they may be impacted in terms of attendance. Currently, groups are not prohibited if the events are scheduled at least 101 miles away from each other. However, a law change is under consideration to change the “100-mile rule” to 150 miles. Commentary, concerns, and discussion can be sent to me at . (more…)

Mock A&S Faire at Festival of Maidens

Just a reminder that the upcoming Festival of Maidens is going to have a Mock A&S Faire! This is a great opportunity for those who are new to the faire system to bring in a potential entry — unfinished or finished, or even just documentation — and get specific advice to help prepare it for the real thing. We’ll also have a class on how to enter that covers writing the documentation and what else to expect. If you have an idea for an entry, you should come!

Royal Missive for February, AS L

Greetings unto the good people of the Middle Kingdom from your Tsar and Tsarina!

We hope you are all enjoying the fine and proper Russian weather that has finally appeared in Our lands! In this time of wool cloaks and roaring fires, We hope that you find time to continue the amazing craftsmanship and works of art We have had the great pleasure to witness in Our travels. We truly believe that the Middle Kingdom holds the finest artisans in the Known World. (more…)

January 2016 BoD Meeting Notes

These updates have been gleaned from Kelly Magill’s updates posted on the Society Seneschal’s web page. You can view the originals by starting with this link: January 2016 Board Meeting Updates

These are not official minutes of the meeting, and should be considered unofficial until any changes involved are announced from more formal sources. (more…)