SCA 50 Year History Fund Silent Auction Underway

Bid Are Rolling In!

The Silent Auction to Benefit the SCA 50 Year History Fund!
(To be held at Tre Girt Sea 12th Night.)

Donations still being accepted!

Item: Lovely Grey Wool Peasant Hood
Minimum Bid: $25 Buy It Now $35

Item: Custom hand painted silk banner
To be delivered at the 50 year event.
Minimum Bid: $25 Buy It Now: $80

Item: Handmade Inkle or kumihimo bands Limit: 2
1 band each maximum 4 yards
Minimum Bid: $15 Buy It Now: $60

Item: Instruction in medieval fishing, covering equipment, bait, mental attitude, sources and technique.
Winning bid will include a handmade hazel loop tipped rod and horse hair line.
Minimum Bid: $50 Buy It Now: $150

Item: Arthur and Guinevere figurines.
They are about 6 inches tall and made of car resin material.
Minimum Bid: $10 Buy It Now: $30

Item: Set of 5 Rose Scented and shaped Candles.
These have wax rose blossoms on top, plastic stems with faux silk leave. Maybe 5 inches tall.
Minimum Bid $5 Buy It Now: $18

Item: 1 hour fencing lesson with War~Don Adam
Minimum Bid: $20 Buy It Now: $30

Item: 2 hour shopping escort Pennsic War week
Your escort will even shower and dress up. He can haul lots of heavy stuff.
Minimum Bid: $25 Buy It Now: $50

Item: Cast Pewter Coins
Quantity: 50, two sided and you get to keep the mold!
Minimum Bid: $40 Buy It Now: $120

Item: Pearl and cloisonne paternoster.
(Ping me for the picture! It is absolutely lovely.)
MInimun Bid: $50 Buy It Now: $160

Item: Rent A Peer!
Rent a servant for 4 hours of attendance at SCA 50 Year or Pennsic (you choose). This lovely item comes with a Pelican or Laurel to help with shopping, childcare, you name it for a mutually agreed upon four hour period at one of those events! Limit 2 (unless more volunteer)
Minimum bid $50 BUY IT NOW: $150

Item: Two Dozen Fresh Croissants!
Guaranteed fresh and delivered to your camp each morning for five days during SCA 50 Year or Pennsic War Week! Limit 4
Minimum Bid $50 BUY IT NOW: $150

Item: Complete Spaghetti Dinner for Ten with Dessert
Anyone like Tiramisu? I know I do. Delivered to your camp at Pennsic! Limit 1
Minimum Bid $100 BUY IT NOW $200


Contact Master Llew at for more information on how to donate!

If you cannot attend Tre Girt Sea 12th Night, contact Master Llew directly and we can arrange for you to bid.

You can pay with check or credit card if bidding before the event. Simply contact Master LLEW at !
Cash, credit cards and checks will be accepted at Tre Girt Sea 12th Night.