From the Kingdom Seneschal, February AS L

Let’s talk about event scheduling.

The Middle Kingdom is fortunate to have more than eighty local groups and thousands of members. Our longstanding law is groups are not typically allowed to hold events within 100 miles of one another. The kingdom Calendar Secretary is instructed to inform groups if an event is within 200 miles and/or in the same region of an event that is already scheduled. The purpose is to help bring potential conflicts to mind. The intent is to help Shires and Baronies be aware they may be impacted in terms of attendance. Currently, groups are not prohibited if the events are scheduled at least 101 miles away from each other. However, a law change is under consideration to change the “100-mile rule” to 150 miles. Commentary, concerns, and discussion can be sent to me at .

Here is the concern:

First, many groups hold two or three events each year. Looking at the kingdom calendar, some months have more than 15 events scheduled and more coming. Most groups depend upon the profits of their events to cover the operating costs for things such as list ropes, live weapon targets, meeting sites, feast prep equipment, and more.

The overabundance of events is negatively impacting attendance at other events. Ultimately, this can lead to some chapters folding because they simply don’t have the ability to cover operating costs.

Second, as a volunteer organization, it can become difficult to stay enthusiastic for multiple major commitments each year.

Right now, nothing is changing except that the Calendar Secretary will provide you more feedback if there is an event scheduled within 200 miles or in the same region in the same weekend. Later, depending upon feedback, the rule may expand to 150 miles. Again, if you have concerns, please contact me at .

In Service,