Royal Missive for February, AS L

Greetings unto the good people of the Middle Kingdom from your Tsar and Tsarina!

We hope you are all enjoying the fine and proper Russian weather that has finally appeared in Our lands! In this time of wool cloaks and roaring fires, We hope that you find time to continue the amazing craftsmanship and works of art We have had the great pleasure to witness in Our travels. We truly believe that the Middle Kingdom holds the finest artisans in the Known World.

However, while you practice your arts and sciences we beseech you to keep your harness in good repair and the edges of your swords sharp, for there are rumblings of war in the lands far to the South. Our Royal Cousins of Trimaris and Ansteorra seem to have a land dispute that They have not been able to resolve. If it comes to war, know that We have pledged the might of the Midrealm in the support of Trimaris.

We look forward to traveling to these southern lands, and We encourage as many as you who can to join Us at Gulf Wars. If you’ve not been, know that it is a wonderful time filled with fighting, equestrian activities, archery, shopping, and general merrymaking.

If you can make the journey, you will not regret it!

In service to the Midrealm and Her people,

Tsar Nikolai & Tsarina Serena