PayPal! (From the Kingdom Exchequer, Feb. AS L)

Greetings, Exchequers!

As you are reading this, we should be heading (if not already in) February, and ALL OF YOU should have your Doomsday reports turned in. If you have turned it in, GREAT! GOOD JOB! If not, contact your regional or myself ASAP!

Now to rehash some stuff:
ALL PayPal transactions will be processed through a Kingdom account.

OK, yes, we are going to have a PayPal preregistration system, and, yes we will also be able to take credit cards at the gate using “PayPal Here”. Once everything is set up, we’ll roll this out to one or two events (so we can work out any “bugs” in our process).

To be able to make use of PayPal, groups MUST meet the following criteria:

  1. ALL reports must be up to date AND on time (this includes NMS reports).
  2. Application must be completed and have the “final” event posting (copy of webpage, Pale Ad).
  3. Have a single point of contact to receive the reservations.
  4. To make use of the “PayPal Here”, the group MUST meet the above criteria, have access to a smartphone/tablet capable of Internet access, have the card reader (the triangle-shaped one, available at Best Buy for $15), AND be trained in the use of “PayPal Here.”

Remember, we’re going to need a Kingdom Deputy for PayPal. This person MUST be able to reply to the PayPal reservation requests within 24-48 hours of submission. We will also need a deputy to this officer, to assist when the Deputy is on vacation, or at an event. These officers will receive the needed training to perform their duties..