Pennsic University for PW45

Pennsic University is pleased to announce that it is once in again in business for Pennsic 45 and is accepting new teacher and class reservations.

As with last year, please connect to to begin the process of registering to teach classes.

If you taught within the last two years, your Teacher information should still be in the system so you don’t have to re-register as a teacher. Just update your availability and arrival dates, confirm your teacher and contact information, and create your new classes for this year.

If your classes are in one of the covered “tracks,” submit your classes through your Track Coordinator. If you don’t know if your class belongs in a coordinated track, please contact the Registrar or use the contact info below. We’ll let you know if your class is in a track, and if so, who your TC is.

We look forward to seeing all our old teachers and students again this year and hope for big loads of new students and teachers to become old friends with for next year!

Information about Pennsic University can be found here:

Staff list for Pennsic University, PW45:

  • Chancellor : Capt Elias Gedney
  • Point coordinator: Mistress Ciara
  • Registrar: THL Artemisia Lacebrayder

Tell us of any questions or issues you may have about the University this year.

We are also interested in any comments you might have about the book format we used last year.
Send your comments to