From Their Majesties – March AS X

Greetings unto the good people of the Middle Kingdom from your Tsar and Tsarina!

For many months now, We have heard the rumblings of war far to the south of Our lands. As your Monarchs, we can no longer ignore these portents of hostilities. We have commanded our Dragon General to assemble the army and begin a progress to the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann and Gulf Wars! We hope as many of you as possible may join Us for a fantastic time of fighting, feasting, filking, and general merrymaking! If you are heading down, please see Us for your official Middle Kingdom car sticker so that you may recognize your kinsmen on your travels!

On a different note, Her Royal Majesty has been asked several times during Our reign about a particular accessory she wears. In Her own words:

“I have been asked, “why do you wear a green belt?” I know that in the Midrealm it is customary for apprentices to wear green belts, and when people see that I wear both a green belt and a Laurel medallion they are confused. It’s even more confusing when you consider that I wasn’t an apprentice before my elevation and have never worn a green belt — although I did wear a yellow belt as protégé to Duchess Garlanda de Stanas.

“When the time came for preparations for my Laurel ceremony, Mistress Rosamund Beauvisage offered to make me a belt, and asked what color I would like. I asked for a green belt. Rosamund then wove me the most beautiful silk belt, green with gold edges.

“For me, the green represents the fact that even though I am a Laurel and master of my chosen discipline, that there’s always more to learn — I will always be a student. The gold edges remind me that arts are only part of my role as a Peer, that I must also serve our Kingdom and her people to help them shine. Finally, at the very end of the belt, you can see a small flaw in the weaving that was purposefully placed there — a reminder that nothing, not even a Peer of the realm, is perfect.

“So, why do I wear the green belt? It is to remind me that I can always learn from, and should always serve, the people of the Midrealm, and that I must do it with humility and grace.”

In service to the Midrealm and Her people,
Tsar Nikolai & Tsarina Serena