Persona Competition at SCA 50 Year Celebration

Is your persona pretty well perfect in every way?

Then you’re prepared for the 50th Year Celebration’s Persona Competition!

This 3-tiered competition (Youth, Novice, and Advanced) offers a venue in which participants may showcase their authentic pre-17th-century personae.

NOVICE LEVEL: for those who have just begun to apply their research to the creation of persona-appropriate items and character. Contestants will undergo five unique challenges throughout the course of the event.

ADVANCED LEVEL: open to those who have made a significant investment in the research & development of an historically accurate personae. Competitors at this level will face eight unique challenges.

YOUTH LEVEL: is designed to encourage our society’s youth to begin persona research at an early age. They will take part in two challenges and complete an activity book before the end of the celebration.

Pre-registration deadline with is May 1, 2016.

Sound intriguing? We thought so. Rules, requirements and details are coming…but we thought you’d like to know what we’re planning now!