New Baron and Baroness of Rivenstar

Greetings unto the Middle Kingdom from your Tsar and Tsarina!

We are faced with an unprecedented occurrence in Our Kingdom! The venerable Baron and Baroness of Our Barony of Rivenstar, Moonwulf and Takaya, have indicated that they are finally ready for a rest after a long and distinguished career as the heads of the Barony. We are minded to grant this request as their service has been impeccable. But who could possibly fill such momentous shoes?

Fortunately, many fine candidates stepped forward for consideration. We were well impressed with each, and confident that any of the candidates would look over Our lands in Rivenstar with dedication and wisdom. However, there can only be one Baron and one Baroness and, as such, We have selected Maighstir Adhamh MacAoidh and Lady Malie bean MhicAoidh to serve in this role.

Their elevation shall occur at Feast of Three Saints and Constellation Regional A&S on April 23 (West Lafayette, IN). Please join Us in celebrating both the outgoing and incoming Baron and Baroness!

In service to the MidRealm and Her people,
Nikolai & Serena