Martial Activities at N. Oaken A&S

Did you know there will be Martial activities at North Oaken A&S?

There is! And it’s going to be amazing! We have put together a day of skill building and tournaments combined with some ridiculous fun.

Here is a small example of things planned:


  • There will be a Armored Tournament. The exact format will vary depending on the number of fighters who are interested. There will be decent prizes.
  • Small group Melee tournament with teams of 3 or 5 depending on the number of fighters who come.


  • Duke Edmund has offered to give 1 on 1 time and coaching to any fighters wishing to improve their fight.
  • Baron Gephard will be teaching a class called: “Simple things you can do to get hit less, and maybe hit someone else more”. This is a collection of tips figured out over a decade of using his face to block. (Tip #1 don’t block with your face) He’s boiled them down into a simple theory that should help anyone who is new or feels they have plateaued and is looking for a new prospective on the fight. Works great with all weapon forms.
  • Baron Gephard give a preview of the “Polearm for Unbelted Champions” class he’ll be teaching at Martial RUM, if people are interested.


  • We will have a huge game of Dodge Axe planned. It is exactly like it sounds, amazing!

There will be plenty of time to get in pick-ups and one on one time with our very deep local talent pool, like Count Cellach and Vigilant Machonna.