Letter from the Kingdom Exchequer, AS50 (April 2016)

exchequersmGreeting, Exchequers!

WOW! It’s April already.

Ok, now to business….

1) New stuff from the Kingdom Exchequer/Seneschal Symposium

a. Changes for Event fee wording – It’s now time to use the new wording. Please inform your event stewards and make changes to your Event web pages. We are no longer using NMS (non-member) surcharge wording. Please use the following terms from now on:

  1. Registration (site fee + $5 (NMS))
  2. Member Registration (adult member site fee)
  3. No changes for minor or feast wording.

b. Donation Events – Remember, you may NOT post a suggested amount for your donations, unless it’s a NON-MONETARY item, for example: three non-perishable food items, or (Toy’s Tourney) a new unwrapped toy (min. $5 value). Having a “suggested donation amount,” is the SAME as having a site fee, and therefore the registration and member registration fee differences need to be applied.

c. Quarterly reports – All reports will now be year-to-date. If your group wants to know the quarterly change in net worth, look at your last quarterly report, compare it to the current report, and do the math.

d. NEW Report version. Version 4 is being released — New pages in the report. The Donations received by the group now need to be tracked separately. We now have sections for Internal/External donations. External donations are donations received from a source OUTSIDE the SCA. For example, Shire “A” receives a donation from an individual not associated to the SCA, and gave the group some money (because they like us). This would be an example of an external donation. Internal donations would be money received from a source WITHIN the SCA (this would be applied to the state subsidiary groups). For example, Shire “A” runs lunch tavern for Canton “B” for a share of the tavern profits. Shire “A” is an SCA Inc, group (think on how people write checks for your group’s events). They would record the money be sent to Canton “B” as a donation to Other 501c3 (expense _dtl_12b). Canton “B”, being a State subsidiary group (SCA MI Inc) would record it as an Internal donation. This is because it came from a SCA source (Shire “A”).

2) Quarterly reports

Remember these reports are due to your regional exchequer ON TIME.
Due dates: Q1 – April 30, Q2 – July 31 (or BEFORE you leave for Pennsic), Q3 – October 31, Q4/Doomsday – Jan 31.

3) Event reporting

  1. NMS reports are due to the NMS Deputy within 10 business days of the Event.
  2. Event Reports are due to your regional exchequer within 30 days of the Event, and a copy is due with your quarterly report.
  3. Waivers are due to the Waiver deputy within 30 days of the event.

4) PayPal

We’re almost there. Note you will need to apply to be able to accept PayPal reservations or use PayPal Here (PayPal at the door) at your event. If your group is unable to do items #2 and #3 (quarterly reports and event reporting) you will be denied access to the PayPal system. REMEMBER, ALL PAYPAL TRANSCATIONS ARE TO BE PROCESSED THROUGH THE KINGDOM ACCOUNTS. This means you’ll receive a check in the mail from Kingdom for any funds received using PayPal.

Always remember your regional and I am here to assist you if you have questions. We can’t help if you don’t ask for it.