From Their Majesties, AS 50 (April 2016)

Greetings unto the good people of the Middle Kingdom from your Tsar and Tsarina!

We hope that you are well recovered from Our expedition to the far south. We had a glorious time at Gulf Wars where we found Our fill of fighting, arts, dancing, drinking and general merrymaking! Our profound thanks to the stouthearted people of the Midrealm who were able to support Our progress, even into the southernmost lands of the Known Worlde.

We are now in the thick of A&S season and hope you will join Us again at one or more of the many faires that are occurring all around the Kingdom.

If you are entrant, judge, or simply an observer, you are sure to witness some of the greatest craftsmanship in the world. The artisans of the Kingdom are truly inspiring!

Now, as the weather continues to turn, We beseech you to look to your melee weapons and armor, as Our Heirs will soon have need of your prowess upon the field.

In service to the Kingdom and Her people,
Nikolai & Serena