Baron Illiton Calls for Assistance

Oyez! Oyez! Oyez!

I, Wilhelm, Baron, holding in fief from the Dragon Throne the lands of Illiton and Lochmorrow, send Greetings and Salutations.

It has become clear to my mind that the peace and tranquility of the Midlands Region, in which reside the lands and fief of Illiton and Lochmorrow, are threatened by the sinister machinations of persons or agencies unknown. Even the stability of the Kontare League and the hard-won unity of the Baronies of the Midlands, established and maintained from antiquity by ancient treaty is endangered by these unknown provocateurs.

Recently, reports have reached mine ears of the covert movements of divers soldiery, and of secret alliances betwixt ladies of noble station of which their masculine counterparts are uninformed. These are matters of grave import to the peace-loving folk of the Midlands, and not to be lightly ignored or dismissed.

This said, the Middle Kingdom is protected by wise laws, and as Baron I am sworn to uphold and enforce those laws, so suspicion alone is insufficient justification for precipitous action on mine own part. Therefore I purpose to commission agents, their purpose to seek, find and deliver unto me proof of the malicious and disruptive activities of these destabilizing forces into my hands, this to be done no later than Our Court in Illiton’s lands at Rites of Spring.

To this I set my Hand and Seal:
Wilhelm, Baron Illiton