SCA 50 Year Great Hall Schedule

Every evening, beginning at 9 p.m., there will be a grand celebration in the Great Hall to highlight communities, traditions, and aspects of the SCA.

Welcome Celebration (Friday, June 17) – We kick off our evening celebrations with a chance to sit down, relax, and enjoy catching up with old friends after the first day of activities. There will be pick-up music and dancing as our energy levels permit, as well as light refreshments.

Founders Celebration (Saturday, June 18) – Join many of the SCA’s founders for chance to recognize their part in helping create and grow the Society we know and love. Light refreshments, plus Musica Subterranea plays for dancing. 

Known World Hafla (Sunday, June 19) – Time for some Middle Eastern dancing, music and food! Whether you’re an experienced dancer or it’s your first time, come enjoy good company and a festive atmosphere.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Solstice Dance: English Dancing (Monday, June 20) – If English dancing and music is your forte, look no further than tonight! In addition, enjoy refreshments and Shakespearean entertainment throughout the evening from our performing arts community.

Artisans Celebration (Tuesday, June 21) – The arts and sciences are a cornerstone of our Society. Tonight we recognize those who have contributed so much to the beauty and artistry of our history, including a special ceremony to honor SCA artisans. Music, dancing, refreshments, as well as a special ceremony to honor some of our greatest SCA artisans.

From Distant Lands: A Celebration of the SCA’s Diversity (Wednesday, June 22) – The SCA is a melting pot of not only of various pre-1600s periods and places, but also of its international membership and people from all walks of life. Come in your persona’s finest garb and enjoy a veritable crossroads of period food from various cultures and time periods, and a wide variety of music and dancing.

Italian Masked Ball (Thursday, June 23) – Don your finest Venetian mask and join us for Italian music and dancing for a night of revelry, costumes, refreshments, and entertainment.

Volunteers Celebration (Friday, June 24) – This is the night we recognize all those who have given of their time and talents to make this event such a success. There will be music, dancing, and refreshments, as well as an opportunity to thank all those who volunteered.

Irish Wake (Saturday, June 25) – As we say farewell to friends from near and far, what better way to mark the end of the event with an Irish wake! Join us on the final evening for dancing, refreshments, and live music as we wind down and prepare to head back home… until the next time!

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