Greetings from Their Royal Highnesses

Greetings unto the populace of the Middle Kingdom from Their Majesties Cameron and Amalie.

We are very excited to serve as your King and Queen. A huge thank you to Count Nikolai and Countess Serena on Their time as Tsar and Tsarina. This Kingdom is well blessed to have them amongst us, as they served with dignity and grace.

Summer is upon us! May the warm summer months bring you much rejoicing. A&S season is wrapping up, and we look forward to seeing the many entries at Kingdom A&S.

As we look ahead into the near future, We see that we are to War with Our Eastern counterparts! However, before such a date arrives, We must secure Our Kingdom’s future. Our Crown Tournament is set for the end of May, and We cannot wait to see which combatant and consort will succeed through the list! Good luck to you all!

Our Crown Tournament Rules:

  • Crown Tournament will be conducted as a standard double elimination tournament using matches consisting of 5 bouts. There will be no pool tourney to establish entry to the final 16 combatants.
  • Winning 3 of 5 bouts will determine who will advance from a match.
  • Combatants will move to a defeated bracket if they do not advance from a match.
  • Those who do not advance from a match in the defeated bracket will be eliminated from the tournament.
  • Double kills will be refought.
  • Matches will be fought with multiple weapon styles in the following order:
    1st Bout – Spear
    2nd Bout – Polearm
    3rd Bout – Great Sword
    4th Bout – Two Weapon
    5th Bout – Weapon & Shield
  • If a fighter does not possess an authorization for a particular weapon style, they will forfeit that bout.
  • If need be, a weapon of each particular type will be available for use by combatants.
  • Weapons of any length that meet the Middle Kingdom rules of Armored Combat are allowed.
  • No backup weapons will be allowed.
  • No shield may be more than 36” in any diameter.

Cameron & Amalie