Clerk of Precedence At Crown Tourney


By kind permission of Their Royal Majesties Cameron and Amalie, I will offer an on-site Order of Precedence correction desk at Their Crown Tourney on May 29. In the break following the conclusion of the Crown List and prior to evening Court, I will be available to perform immediate corrections to the Order of Precedence. Please consult the program or staff the day of the event for the location of my table. I will be able to perform the following tasks:

  • fix name spellings
  • combine multiple persona listings
  • update registration information
  • import awards from other Kingdoms to your current listing
  • remove duplicate awards
  • add omitted awards. In order to have awards added on-site, please bring a legible copy of the Court report as published in the Pale or a copy of your scroll. Additions requested without documentation will require off-site research.

In addition, I will happily teach folks how to use the OP to check awards.

My thanks to Their Highnesses and the Event Steward.

Petrona da Manciano
Clerk of Precedence