New Rouge Scarpe Herald (External Submissions)

herald_75x75It is my pleasure to announce that Baroness Sybella of Dragon’s Mark will be taking over immediately as external submissions herald and thus succeeding me as Rouge Scarpe Herald. We will be working together on this months Internal Letter of Acceptance and Returns and External Letter of Intent as we transition.

The external submissions herald takes the internal commentary and makes the decisions at the Kingdom level as to what has to be returned at Kingdom level and what can go on the the Society level. They then create the Letter of Intent and process those submissions that move on to the Society level. This office comes with the heraldic title of Rouge Scarpe Herald.

I have greatly enjoyed serving as Rouge Scarpe Herald and I am sure Sybella Rouge Scarpe will as well. I look forward to working with her.

In Service the Crown and College,

Konrad Dragon