May Heraldic Decisions for the Middle Kingdom

The May Letter of Acceptances and Returns has just been published. Here are the decisions for the Middle Kingdom. It can soon be found online here:
Official notification has been sent to the submitters from the Opinicus Pursuivant, Thora Grimudottir. Look for an email form ; if you have items in submission you may want to add it to your address book as we have occasionally had issues with spam filters grabbing them. Please make sure to follow the link in the email as that lets us know that you have received the notification.


Hadley of Beckenham. Name.
The Letter of Intent claimed that Hadley is the submitter’s legal mundane name, and that a copy of the submitter’s driver’s license was provided by the submitter, but this documentation was not included in the packet. In addition, the Letter of Intent did not state what type of name it was (i.e., given name, middle name, or byname). This does not meet the requirements for documenting a legal name found in the June 2015 Cover Letter.
Luckily for the submitter, Hadley is also an attested late period English surname, found in the FamilySearch Historical Records. Therefore, the submitter need not rely on the legal name allowance.
Beckenham was documented as a lingua Anglica form. In commentary, this form was documented to 1624, also in the FamilySearch Historical Records.

Lydia Wynne. Name and device. Argent, a domestic cat rampant contourny sable, a bordure vert.
Nice 16th century English name!

Sóma Hjálmarsdóttir. Name.

Wulfwen atte Belle. Badge. (Fieldless) In pale a tentacle vert issuant from a boot sable and maintaining a spoon fesswise reverse Or.
Although no evidence was presented of a tentacle used as a charge in medieval heraldry, there is a pattern of animal limbs, such as legs, wings, or arms, used as charges in period. In this case, the tentacle retains its identifiability.


Giovanni Andrea Faustus. Badge. Or, a bat-winged monster with the body of a lion and the heads of a lion, a goat, and a dragon sejant erect contourny purpure, on a chief rayonny gules three barrels palewise argent.
This device is returned for redraw, for violating SENA A2C2 which states “Elements must be drawn to be identifiable”. Commenters were unable to identify the winged chimera, likely due to the posture that leads to the three heads being so close together. The addition of the wings to the compound monster and the presence of the leonine tail only exacerbates the problem.

Reinhold Glier. Change of badge to device. Gules, a key and on a chief Or an eagle sable.
This submission is returned administratively. Although administrative actions do not necessarily require a specific form, some form of paperwork must be issued by the submitter. A Facebook screenshot does not fulfill this requirement.


Trevor Synklar. Name.
At the end of the commentary period, it was noted that the submitter’s surname, St. Clair, can be pronounced “Sinclair” in certain English dialects. Therefore, the submitted name may be identical in sound to the submitter’s use name. The Admin Handbook states:
No name will be registered to a submitter if it is identical to a name used by the submitter for purposes of identification outside of a Society context. This includes legal names, common use names, trademarks, and other items registered with mundane authorities that serve to identify an individual or group. This restriction applies to Society branches as well as individuals. Thus, a branch cannot use the name of a significant location (a town or county, for example) within its borders. This restriction is intended to help preserve a distinction between a submitter’s identity within the Society and the submitter’s identity outside of the Society.
A small change in the name is sufficient for registration, such as the addition of a syllable or a spelling change that changes the pronunciation. However, a change to spelling without a change in pronunciation is not sufficient. For example, Alan Miller could not register the name Alan Miller or Allan Miller but he could register the name Alan the Miller. Further, submitters may register either a name or armory which is a close variant of a name or insignia they use outside the Society, but not both.
We are pending this name to allow discussion of whether this name is identical in sound to one of the submitter’s use names.
We are also pending this name because the form of the given name on the Letter of Intent, Trevor did not match the documented form, Trevar. If the submitter prefers to use the legal name allowance, documentation must be provided.
This was item 6 on the Middle letter of February 29, 2016.