From The Kingdom Minister of A&S

Greetings from your Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences

Hopefully you have been able to enjoy the amazing yearly event we call Pennsic, certainly packed full of opportunities to take and teach classes, participate in arts and sciences activities and dramatic and performing arts.

But, the summer is drawing to a close and the fall is beginning. Make your plans now to join us for RUM/RUSH presents Artisan’s Row, September 2-5, which is sure to be an event packed with opportunities to learn and show!

There will be at least two Craftsperson’s Faires this fall; a Kingdom Craftsperson’s Faire at Fall Coronation and a North Oaken Regional Craftspersons Faire at Red Dragon.

And, I can only give you small hints now, but there is a tremendous A&S Competition planned for later this winter or early next spring. Get your best research, your best work ready for a one-day competition that will be full of fun, smack, and smarts — stay tuned for more details!

And the last word I can give you this summer — The “S” in A&S stands for Sciences. I would love to hear about the way you are developing knowledge of Medieval Sciences in your individual pursuits and in event themes, classes and activities.

Yours in Service,

Halla of Mugmort, OP