Request for Proposal – New Thrones

Greetings, Craftspeople of the Midrealm!

Your Minister of Regalia has been diligently working behind the scenes with Their Majesties and Curia to create a request for help.

Both Their Majesties’ and Their Highnesses’ travel thrones are used on an almost weekly basis, and both sets are starting to feel the wear of constant use. I have been given approval to start collecting bids for new thrones, to replace both sets. There are a few objectives we would like to have fulfilled with the new thrones.

  1. Wooden thrones – preferably a nice hard wood that will be able to take some abuse
  2. Able to be broken down into small pieces that can fit into a vehicle
  3. Comfortable
  4. Regal-looking
  5. Able to be maintained
  6. Ability to visually see a difference between Monarch and Tanist thrones and between male and female

All bids should include the following:

  1. Design (drawing, picture of similar designs, etc.)
  2. Cost
  3. Timeline to completion
  4. Small portfolio of other works by the artist

I will be collecting bids until August 15. Please submit all bids, questions, thoughts, etc. to Please share this request with anyone that might be interested in helping create new regalia for your Middle Kingdom.

Baroness Finepopla (Poppy)