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From Their Highnesses, Concerning The King’s Rapier Champion

Greetings to all Defenders, Warders, Donyas & Dons, Ladies and Lords who practice the fine art of defense.

We wish to announce that on the occasion of Our Coronation We will be holding a tournament to determine the King’s Rapier Champion. This tournament will be open to all authorized Midrealm Rapier combatants that are willing to travel and serve the Kingdom in this role. (more…)

Sanction Guide – Corpora Changes – Request for Comments

As Corpora is the primary guide to all SCA rules and procedures and the sanction guide is subordinate to the Seneschal’s Handbook in terms of precedence, a change to Corpora is being considered by the Board of Directors, i.e. deleting references to the Sanction Guide in Corpora. This change clearly reasserts that Corpora is the primary guide to SCA rules and procedures, reduces confusion and eliminates any appearance that Corpora is subordinate to the Sanction guide.

In order to facilitate this change, the Board is presenting a proposal to the membership for commentary for removal of the following portions of Corpora dealing with references to the Sanction Guide:

Chapter I, Section F, subsection 4

Chapter X, Section C, subsections 1(b), 2(b) and 3(b).

For ease of reference a copy of the Governing Documents (Corpora) can be found here:

Commentary can be sent to . Please place the term Sanction Guide – Corpora Changes in the subject line. The deadline for commentary is October 1, 2016.
Comments are strongly encouraged and can be sent to:

SCA Inc.
Box 360789
Milpitas, CA 95036

You may also email .

From Their Highnesses, Concerning Their Crown Tourney

The traditional first duty of a new Crown is to secure the Royal Line. To that end We will be hosting Our Crown Tournament on October 15th held jointly in Our Shires of Wurm Wald and St. Carol on the Moor.

We invite all armigerous nobles to participate and compete for the privilege of serving this great kingdom as Heirs and eventually as the Crown. Do not enter this endeavor lightly, the burdens of the Crown are many. But also know that you will not bear them alone. The Midrealm boasts a Royal Lineage to support you and a populace most generous of its time and efforts. (more…)

Board Committee Structure To Replace Grand Council

At its August 22, 2016 meeting the Board of Directors approved the development and implementation of an expanded Board committee structure to encourage and facilitate transparency, participation in and understanding of Society governance throughout the membership of the Society.

The Board shall establish Board committees to serve at the pleasure of the Board. Each of these committees will include representatives of the membership-at-large of the Society, to be nominated by the Kingdoms. A request for nomination process is expected to be in place for the initial committees in the 4th quarter of 2016. Committees to be established include the following: (more…)

From the Society Seneschal – Contracts, Insurance, Equestrian Issues

From the Society Seneschal to all Group Seneschals, Event Stewards/Autocrats, and Equestrian Officers:

This is a formal communication from the Vice President of Operations, SCA Inc. (Society Seneschal) and must be implemented immediately.

1. In terms of contracts, only seneschals should be signing contracts for events or services. If the seneschal chooses to designate the autocrat/steward (i.e. a deputy seneschal) as the signatory to a contract, that contract must first be completely read and reviewed by the ranking seneschal before the ranking seneschal gives authority IN WRITING to the designated deputy (autocrat/steward). As such, the Kingdom Seneschal must review all contracts for Kingdom events, Principality Seneschal for Principality events or Baronial Seneschals for Baronial events; in terms of all other local events, the local group seneschal must review the contract for the event prior to granting the autocrat/steward the authority to sign the contract and this must be in writing. In the event the seneschal wishes to designate a deputy (autocrat/steward) to sign the contract, that signatory must be an actual and recognized/authorized deputy Seneschal with a valid membership (i.e. autocrat/steward) and said contract must be first reviewed by the ranking Seneschal (Kingdom Seneschal, Principality Seneschal, Baronial Seneschal et al.). (more…)

Official Missive from the Kingdom Exchequer

Greetings to all,

Thank you all for all of your hard work on behalf of your group and your kingdom. Each exchequer plays a vital role in keeping the modern side of our world running smoothly.

Just a few reminders –

Non-Member Registration (NMR) Reports and Remittances

Based on input from the current NMR deputy and a look at our process for collecting the NMR reports and remittances, we will be eliminating the “middle man.”

From now on, please send all NMR reports and remittance checks directly to me at the address on the Midrealm Exchequer page. This will allow me to collect the reports and complete my own report to Society in a timely manner.

We are almost completely caught up on our NMR reporting; however, I must reinforce the reporting schedule. NMR reports and remittances should be sent within 10 days of the end of the event. (more…)

Fall Crown Tournament Letters of Intent To Be Submitted by Coronation

All letters of intent to compete in Crown Tournament must be submitted to Their Highnesses by Their Coronation Day. Likewise, you must also contact me, the Kingdom Seneschal, electronically with the following items for both the consort and combatant by that same date: scans of government issued photo ID indicating age and physical address, scans of SCA membership cards showing membership good through the end of the reign, meaning September 2017. The combatant must provide armored combat authorizations via card or a link to the current authorization database. You may contact me at

Thank you,
Caitriona, Kingdom Seneschal

Missive From the Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences

Greetings to all the Artists, Craftspersons, Researchers, and Scientists of the Realm!

I hope that if you attended Pennsic this year you were able to sample some of the fantastic classes, performances, and demonstrations that filled every day! And if you taught classes, performed, or did service to help A&S activities at Pennsic, thank you! I am always so proud of how many Midrealmers I see active in the arts and sciences at Pennsic, and always amazed to see all the varied pursuits we bring to share with one another.

Now Pennsic may be over, but September has some amazing events full of A&S goodness waiting for you: September 2-5 RUM RUSH in the Barony of Shattered Crystal, September 17 Botega at Three Towers, and September 24 Coronation, which will also feature Kingdom Craftspersons Faire!

Yours in Service
Halla of Mugmort

[Note: This letter was also published in the September issue of The Pale.]