Official Missive from the Kingdom Exchequer

Greetings to all,

Thank you all for all of your hard work on behalf of your group and your kingdom. Each exchequer plays a vital role in keeping the modern side of our world running smoothly.

Just a few reminders –

Non-Member Registration (NMR) Reports and Remittances

Based on input from the current NMR deputy and a look at our process for collecting the NMR reports and remittances, we will be eliminating the “middle man.”

From now on, please send all NMR reports and remittance checks directly to me at the address on the Midrealm Exchequer page. This will allow me to collect the reports and complete my own report to Society in a timely manner.

We are almost completely caught up on our NMR reporting; however, I must reinforce the reporting schedule. NMR reports and remittances should be sent within 10 days of the end of the event.

Monthly Reconciliations and Reporting

All groups are required to send monthly cumulative reports to your regional exchequers. Monthly reports should include bank statements and the first four pages of the report. Use the “print ToC, pages 1-4” button on the contents page. Soft copies can be sent via email but you should get signatures for the hard copies kept in the group files.

Quarterly reports should include bank statements and the whole report. Use the “print back to front” button on the contents page. Hard copies signed by the exchequer and seneschal should be sent to your regional.

All monthly and quarterly reports must be turned in to your regional by the end of the month following the reporting month, i.e., the August report is due by September 30.

All reports – monthly and NMR – must be filed in a timely fashion to avoid possible financial probation which would prevent a group from holding events and other remediation steps.

In service,