From Their Highnesses, Concerning Their Crown Tourney

The traditional first duty of a new Crown is to secure the Royal Line. To that end We will be hosting Our Crown Tournament on October 15th held jointly in Our Shires of Wurm Wald and St. Carol on the Moor.

We invite all armigerous nobles to participate and compete for the privilege of serving this great kingdom as Heirs and eventually as the Crown. Do not enter this endeavor lightly, the burdens of the Crown are many. But also know that you will not bear them alone. The Midrealm boasts a Royal Lineage to support you and a populace most generous of its time and efforts.

In order to participate:

  • Read Kingdom Law and Corpora
  • Send a Letter of Intent to Us and Our Kingdom Seneschal which includes proof of valid membership (see Mistress Catriona’s message on this page). You can send this via traditional mail or email at
  • Prepare your equipment such that it is in good repair and fitting for someone seeking this high office. No visible duct tape (except for repairs on the day) or obvious mundanities including blatantly plastic armor.

We would request that all combatants bring heraldic banners for the procession and a heraldic plaque for the tournament boards. We would also request that during the procession each combatant introduce her/himself and provide a brief boast about his/her consort.

Weapon edges must be clearly marked in tape contrasting the color of the flats. All legal Middle Kingdom weapons will be allowed. Shields may be of any size or shape, but their weight must be proportional to their size. If you have any questions about your equipment, please see Us at an event before Crown Tournament.

The tournament will be a traditional double elimination tournament with the finals best two out of three. The finals will be matched weapons with no repetition. The first weapon form will be selected by the fighter with senior precedence, the second by the junior, and the third will be sword and shield. Acceptable forms will be pole arm, spear, greatsword, two weapon, and sword and buckler.

We look forward to an exciting and skillful display of prowess, showmanship, and chivalry and hope that you will join Us.

Edmund and Kateryn