From Their Highnesses, Concerning The King’s Rapier Champion

Greetings to all Defenders, Warders, Donyas & Dons, Ladies and Lords who practice the fine art of defense.

We wish to announce that on the occasion of Our Coronation We will be holding a tournament to determine the King’s Rapier Champion. This tournament will be open to all authorized Midrealm Rapier combatants that are willing to travel and serve the Kingdom in this role.

The tournament will be at Coronation after morning court. We will use a series of round robin pools to narrow the field to the top eight combatants. Those eight will first be tested by the King, then will complete the tournament in a single elimination tree. The Champion will be chosen based on prowess, courtesy, chivalry, and field presence.

We hope this tournament will be a display of the best the Midrealm can offer on the rapier lists. So sharpen your blades, dust your jackets, polish your buttons, and travel to Narrental/Steren Codha for an exciting day of skill.

Edmund and Kateryn