Letter from the Kingdom Seneschal, October AS LI


Autumn is in the air as the kingdom welcomes Their Majesties Edmund V and Kateryn V to the Throne.

It is the time of year when attentions turn more to peaceful arts. I encourage everyone to seek out learning and new skills in these less hectic months.

I have received word from Midlands Seneschal, Her Ladyship Roana Aldinoch, that she wishes to retire from the office. Her service to the Midlands has been quite commendable and I wish to express my thanks to her for her service. Therefore, I am accepting applications for the position. Interested parties should send me their letter of intent as well as an SCA and modern resume. This position is a critical resource to the groups of the Midlands region. Please see the full job description in the Job Board.

Furthermore, I am accepting bids for Kingdom Seneschal. The candidate will serve 2 to 3 years, with a specific start date to be determined, but starting in 2017. All applications for Kingdom Seneschal must be to me by October 15.

And lastly, a law change, “ARTICLE XII – Courts of Chivalry and Courts of Inquiry and Arbitration” has been stricken from Kingdom Law.

Thank you to everyone who is working hard in their groups and at events throughout the Middle Kingdom. Without you, it wouldn’t happen.