From the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences, October AS LI

Greetings to all the Artists, Craftspersons, Researchers and Scientists of the Realm!moas_75x75

If you missed the Kingdom Craftspersons’ Faire which was held at Coronation in September, you missed something special. But it’s not too late for you to participate in Regional Craftspersons’ Faires which will be held this fall and in spring. The next two Faires will be North Oaken at Red Dragon On October 1, and South Oaken at Christmas Tourney on December 3. Craftspersons’ Faires are a way for you to hone your display skills and show the breadth and depth of your work. Many of the Regional Craftspersons’ Faires now feature Laurel Prize Tourneys, so make sure read the webpage for the event and contact the Regional MOAS if you have any questions about participating in the Craftspersons’ Faire.

Other events with enhanced A&S opportunities coming up this fall include Pots and Pens — Cooking and Scribal Arts themed event on October 22, the Known World Fiber Arts Symposium Nov 11-12, and Bardic Madness November 19th and 20th.

October is also a great time to get started on your projects for A&S Regional Faires! Here is a link which will allow you to view A&S Faire Criteria and Rules without needing to log in:

There are some minor changes planned this season for both the A&S Faire Rules and the Criteria, most of which are housekeeping and corrections and should not make any difference in how you will use the criteria to prepare your project. More details on that in next month’s letter. In the meantime, contact your RMOAS or me with any specific questions about criteria or rule changes affecting your entries.

Yours in Service,

Halla of Mugmort, OP
KMOAS Midrealm