Late News: Red Dragon Update

Regarding Red Dragon Weatherreddragon50

The current forecast calls for a 35-40% chance of rain from 2:00 to 7:00 PM on Saturday, per Intellicast, Wunderground and The weather forecast has been a serious moving target for the past week, going from dry to deluge and everywhere in between, sometimes on an hourly basis.

We are going with the main outdoor plan at this time. Armored combat, rapier, archery, thrown weapons, and youth combat should plan to be outside as previously discussed at the staff meetings. Marshals: consider adjusting your tournament schedules to get as much in as possible earlier in the day.

Be advised: the ground is wet as we’ve had rain all this week in Columbus. I’ll be at the site this afternoon to check on the various outdoor venues. (Marshals: the site is available from 3:30 to 5:00 PM today if you want to stop by and look at your venues.)

We’ll have access to the climbing wall room from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM. This space is for populace use.


The week of rain has impacted our overflow parking plans. Please help us out by:

  • carpooling
  • following the directions of the parking staff
  • parking close to the car next to you (NO car-spreading)
  • drive slowly and carefully if you have to park in the grass: do not tear up the grass area.

We’ll be parking cars on either side of the main lot (as usual), then making a column of cars down the middle of the lot. Next, we’ll park some cars on the basketball courts, and finally move on to the field parking and parking along the roads. Please be patient and do not give the parking staff a hard time. If you want a great spot, get there early.

All staff should park in the lot just south of the lodge building to free up space in the main lot.

General Note

We have a lot of fun activities planned. Please come visit!

Master Gunnar, Autocrat