Their Majesty’s Letter To The Populace, November AS LI

Greetings to the Midrealm from Edmund and Kateryn.King sm crown

It has been quite a whirlwind of a beginning for Our time on the Dragon Thrones. Coronation was great fun with a surprise return from the watery deep, the return of ancient treasures, an arch of swords, and some hauntingly familiar processional music. Our deepest thanks to all who made that possible.

By now you have seen some of the challenges We have put forth: the King’s (formerly known as Prince) Challenge and the Merry Band Challenge. Edmund challenged the Rapier community to meet Him in selecting His Rapier Champion. But We have one more challenge, one for the artisans, performers, and craftspersons of the Midrealm.

At Pentamere 12th Night We will be holding and Arts and Sciences Competition, not a fair, not a display, a COMPETITION. We invite all of the artisans of the Kingdom to participate, but it will not be for the faint of heart. The competition is broken down into three categories: something one can ingest (foods, beverages etc.), something one can hold or use (artifacts of any kind), and something one can do (performances, songs, dances, etc.) We will select the best entry from each category as well as the best entry from among all the entries, and proclaim their fame throughout the land. We are still working on the exact criteria with our Minister of Arts and Sciences, Mistress Halla, but we will be judging on scope, artistry, creative authenticity, and scholarship. So head to your workshops and show the kingdom what you can do!

In Service,
Edmund and Kateryn