Exchequer’s Letter for November, AS LI

Greetings all…exchequersm

I appreciate all that everyone does to help keep your local groups, regions, and the Kingdom running smoothly. By following the policies and procedures that have been set out by my predecessors, as well as continuing to update and refine them, I hope to make everyone’s job easier. So over the next year, I will be soliciting ideas and opinions from you. I will create an online response form so that I can more easily collect and collate the data (so please don’t start sending me stuff yet).

One procedure that assists things to move smoothly is filing reconciliations and reports – both NMR and monthly – in a timely manner and following the policies of the Society and the Kingdom. Unfortunately, our rate of compliance has been lower than we would have hoped. Quarterly reports are due by the October 30th. (I know this is the November Pale Letter, but I also know it comes out before the end of the month.) Those groups that do not report on time and/or have a pattern of not filing their reports on time may be put on financial probation or be recommended for suspension.

Please continue to contact your regional exchequers or me if you have any questions and we will do our best to answer them.

Yours in service,