From The New Earl Marshal

Happy Yule!

I would like to thank all of the Marshals, Clerk of the Roster, List Ministers for all the hard work, time, reporting, and service that goes into making the SCA dream safely happen.

I would like to thank Sir Gregoire de Lyon for serving the Middle Kingdom as Earl Marshal. He helped coordinate the kingdom martial activities and answered so many questions on the various multi-media platforms during his very effective time as Earl Marshal.

I would like to thank Sir Gebhard for helping establish the Midrealm Marshal database. Your effective computer skills helped create a marshal database to pull us out of the dark ages.

The new Midrealm Target Archery handbook is now released. Thank you, Forester Padraig MacRaighne, for sharing a lifetime of archery knowledge and experience with the Known World.

Thank you, Duke Ullr, for your humble service to the Midrealm Marshalate by coordinating experimental weapons, advising on marshal aspects, and stepping up as my deputy.

A discussion from the Society Earl Marshal: It is important for marshals to understand that their job is not to certify or state that things are safe. It is, however, their job to enforce our standards and procedures, and see to it that equipment meets our published guidelines. Those guidelines are intended to make our activities “less unsafe”.

Keep an eye out on the Facebook “Midrealm Marshal” page for future discussions and videos.

I look forward to working with you all to ensure a safe and enjoyable season!


Kingdom Earl Marshal