From Their Majesties, January AS LI

King sm crownGreetings to the Midrealm from Edmund and Kateryn

As the calendar turns from 2016 (an “interesting year” judging by the old Chinese proverb) into 2017, We hope to find you and yours in good health and good cheer. The New Year, for many, signifies the beginning of something new, a fresh start, a chance to start from a blank slate. The last vestiges of pine linger in our homes, and our minds turn to what we will accomplish during the year to come. We hope to do all We can to make 2017 a better year than 2016 and We hope the same for everyone.

The New Year will start with a BANG for those interested in the Arts and Sciences. At Kingdom 12th Night in Cynnabar, We will be hosting a Royal A&S Competition. Bring your best project to be entered in one of three categories: something one can hold (an artifact, a garment, etc.), something one can ingest (food or beverage) or something one can do (bardic, dance, performance). Solid documentation is a must, but brevity is important. (Please try to limit yourself to two typed pages). While there will be a star-studded panel of judges to help Us, We will be selecting the best entry in each category and the best entry of the competition. And if you choose not to enter, please make the time to walk through the display of entries. We expect to see much of the best that Midrealm artisans have to offer on display.

And even as We speak of warm hearths and the gentler pursuits, let Us not let down Our guards nor let Our sword arms grow weak. Gulf Wars is just a couple short months away. We encourage everyone to join Us on the trek south to enjoy the southern hospitality of Gleann Abhann and the warmer weather. We hope to take a large and mighty force to show that the Dragon can fight, shoot, and celebrate sans par. DRACO INVICTUS!

Edmund and Kateryn