From the Midrealm Chronicler, January AS LI

Greetings, all!chronicler_75x75

May this missive find you all well as you gather around the hearth with friends and family for the Twelfth Night season.

The winners of the William Blackfox Award for A.S. 50 were announced recently. These annual awards honor excellence in publications for the entire Society, and cover publications that appeared between May 2015 and May 2016.

There are two sets of awards, one for local newsletters and one for kingdom newsletters. A winner and commendation is selected for each category. Let’s look at the local awards first.

Please join me in congratulating Dame Marissa von Atzinger, editor of the Flamberge, newsletter for the Barony of the Flame, who won the top award for Best Layout and Design. This award recognizes the best-looking newsletter in balance and style, and is awarded to the newsletter editor and the group Chronicler. While Dame Marissa is now serving as the Seneschal for the Barony, she was both Chronicler and Editor during the time frame for the award.

Next, the Middle Kingdom received a Commendation for Best Article, which recognizes excellence in articles appearing in a local newsletter and is awarded to the writer and the newsletter. Lord Gwydion Gwrando was recognized for his article, “The Basics of Beekeeping,” which appeared in The Shadow Press – Spring 2016. This is the newsletter for Barony of Shadowed Stars and the Baronial Chronicler was Lady Broinninn ingen Magnusa.

The RivenSTAR, newsletter of the Barony of Rivenstar, was recognized with a Kingdom Chronicler’s Honorable Mention. Lady Katrín Grímsdóttir was recognized for her work as Baronial Chronicler for Rivenstar. This category covers newsletters or content which doesn’t fit into the main categories, yet is still deserving of recognition for their exceptional work or dedication to producing the best possible newsletter for the group.

Moving on to the kingdom newsletter awards, Sir Gebhard Rauten was recognized with a Commendation for Best Written Contribution to a Kingdom Newsletter for his article, “Talking Back to the Future.” This piece appeared in the February 2016 issue of The Pale.

Please join me in congratulating the award recipients. In this modern world of electronic ephemera, it’s great to see that the written word still carries weight and is worthy of recognition within our Society.
In service, I remain,

Gunnar Sigurdsson, OP
Chronicler, Middle Kingdom