Court Reports, September – November AS LI

Court of Their Majesties Cameron II and Amalie II, 10 September AS 51 (CE 2016), held at Harvest Days in Their Barony of Flaming Gryphon.herald_75x75
Heralded by Mughain nic Cairt Ciannact. Seneschal was Phillip the Pilgrim.

AoA: Liefr Monsson Red Company: Gustuv von Atzinger
Gold Mace: Gilchryst MacPearsian
Court Barony: Branwen of Red Spears
KSCA: Bran Atte Rowen, Angus Drummond
Order of Defense: Vincent Furnier
Laurel: Aeric Ovender

Court of His Majesty Edmund, 22 October AS 51 (CE 2016), held at Haunted Tower in Derneheald.
Heralded by Edborough Kellie, Anna of the Western Hill, Steve of Tirnewydd.
Seneschal was Manne de Lynn.

AoA: Petreus the Bear, Dimarus of Dernehealde, Ashley of Dernehealde, Nathan of Dernhealde, Brianna Deardeas of Holt Herotus, Guy of Avignon, Victoria of High Harrogate
Purple Fret: Altani Unegen
Willow: Cwen ap Ynys Afallach
Silver Oak: Douglas de Auxere
Dragon’s Heart: Margaret Anne O’Donnell

Court of Her Majesty Kateryn, 29 October AS 51 (CE 2016), held at Day of Discovery III in Her Shire of Cuil Cholium.
Heralded by Peter Grau von Bremen, Hrafn Grafeldr. Seneschal was Peter Grau von Bremen.

AoA: Vulka of Cuil Cholium, Hrafn Grafeldr, Brynhyldr the Bold
Silver Oak: Ulf Unni the Unborn
Dragon’s Heart: Malcolm MacLoren

Court of Their Royal Majesties Edmund and Kateryn, 5 November AS 51 (CE 2016), held at All Souls: Share a body of Knowledge in Vanished Wood.
Heralded by Alexander Adelbrecht von Markelingen, Karl Sturmer, Ehrenfried Schertenleid. Seneschal was Henry of Exeter.

AoA: Anna JoKinen, Susan of Etherstone, Vladimar Son of Arne, Ysabeau de Chauntepiy
Cavendish Knot: Edward Quill, Karl Sturmer, Seto Gesshuko
Bronze Ring: Necu Hawke
Dragon’s Heart: Antine Andersdottir, Sebastian Elgar
Grant of Arms (Dragon’s Crest): Caitriona MacDhonnachaidh

Court of Their Majesties Edmund and Kateryn, 12 November AS 51 (CE 2016), held at Crystal Ball in Shattered Crystal.
Heralded by Petrona da Manciano and Sarafina Sinclair. Seneschal was Astridr Arnsdottir.

AoA: Anna Kathryn Pfredricksdottir, Rig the Facetious
Cavendish Knot: Bartelmeu le Wis, Derrick the Tailor
Purple Fret: Corasande of Starhill

Court of Their Majesties Edmund and Kateryn, 19 November AS 51 (CE 2016), held at Fall Harvest in Dun Traigh.
Heralded by Estelle de la Mer. Seneschal was Kateline Crowe.

Laurel: Katherine Hatton Rames

Regency Court for Edmund and Kateryn, held by Her Highness Isolde, 19 November AS 51 (CE 2016), held at Bardic Madness in the Barony of Illiton.
Heralded by Andreas Blacwode, Desmond. Seneschal was David of Lochmorrow.

Purple Fret: Lorelai of Roseholm, Caitrina of Darkhorse