From The Kingdom Seneschal, February LI


A number of things are in the works in the Seneschal’s Office.

It is my pleasure to announce Master Justice MacArtain has been selected as the next Kingdom Seneschal. He will step in to the position at Spring Coronation. Thank you to all the applicants applying for the position. With this appointment, a replacement for Constellation Regional Seneschal is being sought.

A large influx of background check requests are in process as many good people agree to work with the youth of our kingdom. That’s greatly appreciated. Thank you all! One impact is that this caused a bit of a backlog on requests, and Corporate is working through those. Your patience is appreciated.

New shires are forming, and I encourage you to make time in your schedule for events at newer and smaller groups. Many of us fondly remember belonging to a small shire in the past, and how important it was to have people come to our events. Without support, those groups will have a hard time thriving. So, visit some small events, make some new friends or reacquaint yourself with some old pals.

Fair travels!

Caitriona, Kingdom Seneschal