Call for Performers at Coronation!

Greetings fellow performers, musicians, and bards!

Their Royal Highnesses William and Isolde’s Coronation is fast approaching. With that in mind there must be celebration! Music! Stories!! Laughter and tears!!!

Please note – there will be a space for performing artists to book time next to the Arts & Science area at this event.

Though due to space concerns it is not a separate space, I will be able to arrange it to make it nice without overtaking the other areas.

Here are the specifics for the performing arts area:

Artisans or groups can book a time slot between 30-60 minutes. It can be used for Performances, Bardic Circles and/or Specific Concerts / Challenges. Please email me to get on the schedule:

The specific time for this to start and end has not been decided yet. Once it has I will post an update.

A sign with the schedule will be placed at the designated area and with the help of the event stewards on the website, Facebook page and at the gatekeeper’s table. The idea is for those interested specifically in 16th century madrigals to go to that concert scheduled at that time and those interested in Norse Poetry to go to that)

Now this is where all of you lovely folk come in. Sign up! Participate!!! I want YOU to make this event even more beautiful with your talent!!!!

Thank you all for your time and have a lovely evening.

Yours in Service,

TH Sgt. Honor von Atzinger