From Their Royal Highnesses – Crown List Info

Greetings from William and Isolde, Prince and Princess of the Middle Kingdom.

As we continue our travels, we greatly appreciate those who have taken the time to give us counsel, commentary and recommendations. We would like to reiterate—you do not need to be a peer or “someone important” to come and talk to us. We are here to serve the Crown and the Kingdom and hope you will feel free to come and chat with us at least to say hello and introduce yourselves.

We are accepting requests to fight in our Crown Tournament on May 27-28 in the Barony of Shadowed Stars (Fort Wayne, IN). We request that all warriors, sound of wind and limb, with armor and weapons in good repair, submit their letters of intent to Ourselves via Our email with copy to seneschal@ You must submit your letter of intent to fight, the person whose favor you will bear that day, proof of membership that extends until the second week of May 2018 and copies of both your modern identification with pictures (scanned image PDFs are acceptable). We will be accepting letters to fight up until the end of the day at our Coronation in the Barony of Flaming Gryphon May 6, 2017 (held in Lebanon, OH).

We have a few additional pieces of information regarding Crown Tournament. The tournament will be a standard double elimination with finals fought best of three bouts. The face thrust convention for our Crown will be positive force. More details on the format to follow in future letters and it will be posted on Our social media page and the kingdom media page. Also, landed Barons and Baronesses and Greater Officers of State may fight in Our Crown Tournament with this proviso: along with your letter of intent you must provide a letter from whomever will take over your duties if you should prove victorious. For Barons and Baroness, this is a Vicar who will run the Barony in your absence. For Greater Officers, this a Deputy who will take over the office in your absence. We hope to have the largest Crown list seen in many years. If you have interest and are unsure if you should request to fight, please come and talk to Us.

Lastly – We are planning on having each of the four peerages meet for discussion at Crown Tournament. We will do our best to accommodate the schedule but We would like all Our peers who are able to plan on attending if possible; We will have a schedule of those meetings available closer to the event. Until then, We hope to see as many of you as We can on Our Royal Progress and wish you all a prosperous 2017.

Willaim and Isolde