From Their Royal Majesties – March AS LI

Greetings unto the noble people of the MidRealm from Edmund and Kateryn,

A whisper grows to a murmur. A murmur grows to a shout. A shout grows to disagreement. And disagreement grows to conflict.

Such as it is, We fear, in the south of the Known World. War drums echo even this far north from the lands of Trimaris and Ansteorra. And never did two such great kingdoms contest without much spilling of blood. So it is that We are resolved to ride south to the lands that divide Our good cousins Ari and Jason and stand between them, as the Pale stands between the two sides of Our heraldry, and keep them at peace. Therefore do We call for a Crusade to maintain peace. But if you take up this Crusade of Peace, do not fool yourself to believe it will be easy. When two proud kingdoms come together they sometimes need “convincing” that peace is the better option. Put another way, sometimes the only way to peace is through war. And I know of no people anywhere better suited to the business of making peace happen than those of the Midrealm. Join Us on this Crusade of Peace, see the world, meet new and interesting people, and enjoy a frosty beverage with them. (It is supposed to be fun you know.)

For those staying home, keep in mind that A&S Faire season is upon us. Go and see all the neat stuff your neighbors and friends are making, or maybe take your crafts and show them off. For that is one of the truly astounding things we do: we learn stuff (sometimes stuff lost to history) and then we share it and teach others about it.

Yours in service,
Edmund and Kateryn