From the Kingdom Seneschal, April, AS LI

Hello, Middle Kingdom!

Thank you all for your dedication to making the Middle Kingdom the most amazing in the Knowne World.

I would like to thank the following for their long service to the Kingdom and welcome their successors:

  • Master Malechi Wulfhart, Kingdom Event Coordinator. Master Malechi is succeeded by Baroness Hadley of Beckenham.
  • Baroness Michaela, Baronial Transition Deputy. Baroness Michaela is succeeded by Baroness Hannah Schrieber.
  • Mistress Genoveva von Lubeck, Seneschal‘s Webminister. We are seeking a replacement for Genoveva at this time.
  • Mistress Anastasia, Law Clerk. We are reworking the details of this position at this time.
  • Master Justice MacArtain, as Constellation Regional Seneschal, will be replaced by Master Peter Grau von Bremen.

Thank you to all the local and regional seneschals who work tirelessly to keep our kingdom healthy. The Middle Kingdom is the most populous in the Knowne World, with over 80 chapters. We couldn’t do it without you.

To the Crowns and Curia, I thank you. You’re an amazing collection of people who love this Kingdom. It’s been my privilege to serve with you.

And, thank you to my family. Your support has been key to any accomplishment in this office.

Thank you, Midrealm. It’s been an adventure.

Caitriona Seneschal Emeritus