Earl Marshal’s Letter, April AS LI


I would like to thank Sir Gebhard for all the hard work that continues to go into the database. We as Marshals, equestrians, rapier combatants, armored combatants and even hound handlers will now be able to make a color copy of our authorization paperwork. We will also implement being able to take a photo of the authorization paperwork and then sending it to Lady Bella the Clerk of the roster. She will accept this via email. The newly-authorized fighter will keep the original paperwork. This should allow for immediate updates to the database and streamline paperwork.

Again, I would like to thank everyone involved in all the database information input.

There will be a “Martial Fast Track” program taught at Martial RUM on June 3. This program is for long-time warriors of the Kingdom or past marshals who want to update their status after being away for some time. Study up on the rules and bring your armor to this approximate four-hour class (depending on class size).

Thanks for all the good work to all the marshals on the off-helm inspection process… no one has X-ray vision to see though a helm. Please keep checking that padding, chin straps, protrusions to help keep each other safer.

There is a new appointment of Deputy to Target Archery. His Excellency Henry of Exeter has been appointed. I look forward to working with him and watching him help continue to grow our archery community. More importantly, thank you to Forrester Padrig for the last three years (or close) as the Deputy of Target archery. Padraig has served the archer community for longer than most have been alive. He has shared his knowledge and passion for archery and has laid a foundation for future generations of archers.

I would like to thank all the Marshals for timely reports, Lady Bella for dealing with some special snowflakes, and the former KEMs for helping with online presence.

Look for the Marshal Channel on YouTube. Thanks to Sir Kristian!

In service to the dream!