From Their Majesties: The Midrealm On The March

Greetings unto the noble people of the MidRealm from Edmund and Kateryn,

First, We travelled to the east on Crusade to rescue the stolen relics of the Midrealm. Those relics are now safely back in the care of Our Regalia Minister.

Then, We travelled south to Crusade for peace between Our Royal Cousins of Trimaris and Ansteorra and with the might of the Midrealm at Our side We were able to achieve an uneasy peace.

But these Crusades have dwindled the Kingdom’s resources, so We must now travel a short distance but with great purpose: to replenish Our supplies of the great Black Stone so needed in the making of good steel for armor and weapons.

So do We call upon all sturdy warriors of the Midrealm and those who support them to load the caravans, sharpen swords and arrows, and oil the machines of war and join Us in Our Crusade to Blackstone Mountain in Aethelmarc to obtain the needed stones.

Yours in service,
Edmund and Kateryn