From Their Royal Highnesses

Greetings to the populace of the Middle Kingdom.

This is Our last Pale letter as Prince and Princess of the Middle Kingdom. On May 6th, We will ascend to the throne of the Middle Kingdom and continue on Our royal journey. We would like to thank everyone who has supported Us on the throne so far. Our royal household and many friends have made Our journeys easier and allowed Us the opportunity to range far and wide, in and out of kingdom. Our time on the throne as the summer King and Queen is short and We have much to do.

During Our time as Prince and Princess We have travelled much and taken preparation for a mighty conflict happening in July and August: Pennsic War. This Pennsic will be unlike any Pennsic in recent memory. The Middle Kingdom will join with the East Kingdom and the Kingdom of Ealdormere to meet the kingdoms of Æthelmearc, Atlantia and Northshield in a truly epic contest. We have politely asked all other kingdoms and larger mercenary units to fight with the Æthelmearc-Atlantia-Northshield side to balance out the armies. Through Our conversation and negotiations with Our friends and neighbors in other kingdoms, this Pennsic will have a little bit of an “old school” feel. There will be champions’ battles, heavy battles and rapier battles (including a return to the previous woods site courtesy of HRM Ioannes of the East), archery, thrown weapons, arts & sciences and service all of which will be worth War points. There is something for everyone in terms of participation this year. With the help of Our Coinmakers’ Guild we are minting special coins for use at Pennsic. They will be given to anyone who works and supports in any War point activity. We hope you will consider joining Us on this great adventure this summer.

We also have two big joint kingdom melee events falling on top of each other in the month of May. For the southern part of the kingdom We ask you to attend Border Raids and support Our efforts there with our cousins from Meridies. For the northern part of Our kingdom we ask you to attend Æthelmearc War Practice (held at the Pennsic site). This is another opportunity to spend time with our cousins in Æthelmearc and to get in some good practice for the army. For those who can, please attend one of these events and support some friendly inter-kingdom rivalry.

We look forward to visiting as many groups as Our schedule permits and We hope to see many of you on Our travels. If you have a question or just want to say hello, stop by and see Us on Our progress or feel free to send Us your thoughts or comments via Our royal email.

In Service,

William and Isolde
Tanists, Middle Kingdom