Missive from the Kingdom Earl Marshall

Draco Invictus!

We have a few minor rule changes to the Combat Archery.

  1. Fiberglass-shafted ammo: The red electrical tape around the point of the APD is not required.
  2. Fiberglass-shafted ammo does not have to be red. The color must contrast with the head and cannot be more than 10% yellow. This applies to the wrap around the base and the crossover.
  3. Tubular ammo: The duct tape covering the head does not have to be red. The tape must contrast the head and may not be more than 10% yellow.

Archery marshals will wear eye protection!

Cessation of all fighting if the Heat Index reaches 108. The marshallate team at Pennsic will be outfitted with two electronic heat index testing devices. This will allow the marshallate to test in various locations repeatedly as the day moves on and temperatures change. It will be specific testing to the Pennsic Field or Woods battle areas. The marshals will check as time goes on before and during battles. If the heat index reaches the specified value of 108, the cannon is sounded and the battle is concluded. For battles cancelled due to heat that have already begun there are two options: If they are simple single War point, the point is considered null and neither side gets it. If there is one where flags are checked at timed intervals, the tally at the time of cancellation will stand and the point will be awarded accordingly. Battles with multiple run-throughs with some completions will be scored as is. No discussion or notification to the Crowns is required by the marshallate. They will simply blow the horns, sound the cannons and end the battle, informing the royalty of the heat issue after the battle is ended. Heat index will be checked at least one hour prior to every battle at the proposed battle location. Electronic monitoring devices will be provided by the Middle Kingdom Crown.

Experimental weapons must be marked in green tape! Rawhide covered and Siloflex equivalent swords are under experimental use at this time by specifically designated people.

Thanks again to Sir Gebhard Rauten and Honorable Lady Bella Roisin O’Coileain for streamlining the Authorization Process. We can now email a copy to the Clerk of the Roster and get things instantly updated.

Kingdom Earl Marshall