Heraldic Job Openings: Opinicus Pursuivant and Incunabula Pursuivant,


Thora Grimudottir, Opinicus Pursuivant, has informed me that she needs to step down from that office.

Therefore I am looking for applicants for Opinicus Pursuivant and Incunabula Pursuivant, which is currently vacant.

Opinicus is responsible for sending notifications to submitters after decisions are made at the Kingdom or Society level. They need to take each decision and expand it into a personalized letter. Notifications are sent by email through the Online System for Commentary and Response (OSCAR). They also need to track who has picked up notifications and send notification by mail if not picked up or in cases without email addresses. Opinicus is a deputy to the Rouge Scarpe Herald.

The Incunabula is Opinicus’ deputy. The ideal is to have Incunabula Pursuivant in training to take over eventually as Opinicus. If they want to split the responsibilities that is also acceptable. In the past Incunabula handled Kingdom notifications and Opinicus the Society level ones.

These are primarily administrative offices but at least a basic knowledge of book heraldry is beneficial. These are important positions to the heraldic process and I would like to have them filled as soon as possible. If you are interested or have any questions contact me at by May 25th.

In Service to Crown and College,

Konrad Dragon