Missive from Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences, June LII

Greetings to all the Artists, Performers, Inventors, Researchers, Craftspersons, Makers, Writers and Composers of the Middle Kingdom!

We have concluded another superlative A&S season in the Midrealm, with more than 100 (virtually all) of the regional entrees being eligible for inclusion in the Kingdom A&S Faire. Thank you to all of those who participated in making this Faire season happen, all the entrants, judges, regional and tally room staff, and of course the groups and events who were willing to support our faires.

Thank you also to the volunteers and support staff who are assisting with the new Criteria Review Process. We are developing a new Criteria Review process that will become an ongoing part of the A&S Faire program. This is one of many changes to come that reflect the high levels of knowledge and expertise among the participating entrants. More up-to-date research becomes available all the time, and our criteria, and our program, should reflect that. Our A&S Faire program should also reflect changes in the culture and interests of our Society and Kingdom, and allow us to explore and develop our knowledge and skills in new ways for the betterment of all.

Some events you might be interested in over the summer include

  • 2017 Martial RUM in the Barony of the Flame (Louisville, KY) on June 3, where there will be many classes related to the Arts and Sciences associated with the Arts Martial
  • Northern Oaken War Maneuvers XXI on June 9-11 in the Barony of the Cleftlands (Wellington, OH) always boasts great classes, and the Northern Oaken Bardic Lagnieppe of Excellence (NOBLE) Competition. Visit the event page for more details.
  • Baron Wars 19 in the Canton of The Marche of the Marshes (Bowling Green, OH) on June 23-25 is not just a great event for the Arts Martial, but also for classes, supply shopping, and performance!

Two openings on the KMOAS Staff

I am accepting resumes for the position of RUM Chancellor. Some experience with RUM is preferred. Send your resume in Word doc format attached to an email to me at KMOAS+RUMC@ midrealm.org. In your email, describe what makes you a good fit for the position of Rum Chancellor. I will accept resumes until August 1, 2017.

I am also accepting resumes for the position of Deputy of Historical Combat Studies. Send your resume in Word doc format attached to an email to me at KMOAS+
In your email, describe your experience with Historical Combat Studies and your objectives for promoting these studies in the Middle Kingdom. I will accept resumes until August 1, 2017.

Please have fun, learn things and make cool stuff! Make sure to keep your local MOAS apprised of all the things you are researching and doing!

Yours in Service

Halla of Mugmort OP

KMOAS Midrealm